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The role of a nutritionist goes far beyond helping with weight loss. This is a healthcare professional who guides individuals toward better nutrition to improve their overall health and well-being.

Health nutrition is a holistic approach that aims to understand individual nutritional needs and adapt diet accordingly. It does not focus solely on calories or diet, but rather on the quality of foods consumed and their impact on the body.

Metabolic diseases, such as type 2 diabetes or lipid disorders, can often be improved or even prevented through a balanced and personalized diet. A nutritionist can help develop a suitable dietary plan to manage these conditions effectively.

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Why consult a nutritionist?

In addition, the link between nutrition and stress is increasingly recognized. A balanced diet can play a crucial role in managing stress and anxiety. Certain foods can make stress symptoms worse, while others can help alleviate them. A nutritionist can therefore advise on food choices that promote relaxation and mental well-being. By choosing to consult a nutritionist, you are investing in your long-term health, seeking to prevent illness, improve your energy and optimize his general well-being.


Amazing, after 4 sessions, I easily lost 5 kg without gaining it back! Very good advice, easy to put into practice. An attentive and attentive person who works gently. Highly recommended.

Sandra B.

January 2022

Ms. Aboussouan is a very professional nutritionist, who listens to her patients. I am diabetic and I highly recommend it. She gave me personalized advice and was able to guide me towards better eating habits without judgment. Today, despite my diabetes, I have regained a lot of energy and I have even lost a few extra pounds. A big thank-you.

Dani G.

January 2022

Very professional, Ms. Aboussouan was able to offer me a personalized program adapted to my food intolerances. Thanks to her, I adopted good eating habits and regained the taste and desire to eat.

Alice B.

March 2022

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